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Spiderweb Logic, based in Los Osos CA (San Luis Obispo county), is primarily a small business website design company that focuses in ecommerce and editable websites (CMS). Many of our customers want a website THEY can maintain easily. They normally have a small business or are starting a small business..and this feature is normally cost-efficient. Many have products or services that they want to sell online using some sort of shopping cart or eCommerce technology. That is what we specialize in designing.


Not all of our customers want a website that they can edit; some prefer to just have it built once and pay for any modifications. We handle all sizes of projects and will help you choose the one that fits your company's needs and budget.


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Websites represent your company to the global online world. If your website has outdated information or an outdated design, how will this image reflect on your business? We understand that many businesses can't afford to hire a webmaster to make frequent changes and that webmasters can get very busy, so these things often get overlooked or delayed.


Do you need an Editable (CMS) website?

CMS is the geek term for an editable website - and refers to a "Content Management System". 


Not everyone needs an editable website.  Ask yourself the following:

  1. How often should you really update your site to keep its content fresh? (Now consider this if you weren't charged a dime for these changes.)
  2. Do you have current events from last month or last year on your website?
  3. Do you want to have members sign up to do particular tasks on your website?
  4. Do you have an online store that needs products updated regularly?
  5. If you have any of the above, do you need to contact a busy webmaster to make these changes?   How much do these changes cost over one year if you were to make them at whatever frequency you think ideal?

We understand that some businesses do not need an editable website.  We are still happy to design and build for you whatever meets your needs. 


Basically, you don't need an editable website if:

  1. You don't expect to make changes frequently
  2. Your website is only a few pages
  3. You have advanced web design skills/tools

If we build you an editable website:

  • You will not need to be a website programmer to make most changes to your website. (You can assign anyone who is familiar with the Microsoft Word format buttons to do so.)
  • We can make your website appealing in all the major Internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.
  • We offer complete website packages including:
    • website design
    • website deployment (putting your website on the web web host's server)
    • search engine optimization and submission to get your developed website visible to the search engines
    • search engine marketing plans to bring in the customers

Are you interested in such a website?

Are you looking to sell your product on the Internet? Our professional eCommerce web design solutions enable you to change your products and descriptions without needing to know any HTML programming.

  • Do you want to make changes to an existing website to enhance its look and feel? Our Spiderweb Logic CMS (editable websites) and eCommerce solutions can make this very easy to do. We would be happy to design a custom website for your small or medium business to fit your specialized needs.
  • Do you have a great database idea that you want to make available to the internet? Our database and web development expertise can bring you a professional quality solution.
  • Are you a small ASP.Net website or database developer and want to outsource part of your development? We have expertise in HTML, JavaScript, C#, ASP.Net, asp, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and SQL Server.


You do not need to be in San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Los Osos or even California to be our customer. Our San Luis Obispo web design company is happy to design eCommerce or CMS solutions for people all across the globe, no matter where they live.


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