Paypal Integration Code: Using ASP.Net / C#

Do you want to intergrate PayPal in your shopping cart or web site? Here are some free source code samples to help you get started. The ASP.Net integration code below is coded using the 2.0 runtime environment.

While we always encourage you to go to PayPal for their official documentation, this sample code will help to jump-start your development efforts as you build PayPal features into your shopping cart. PayPal does offer several ways to integrate with them. This is just a quick starter kit - with no warrantees of any kind. Only download the source code if you agree to these terms.


Feel free to give comments and suggestions. I am willing to update this project modestly if the changes would be beneficial to everybody. If you want a custom implementation of this or technical support, give me a call.  We can do so for a reasonable price.


Features included:

  • Home page with a "Product List" that have links to add to cart
  • "View Cart" Page
  • "PayPal Checkout" Page with a link to checkout
  • One "master page" you can edit to get a desired look and feel across the website. 

These are designed for an ASP.Net developer.  If you are not an ASP.Net developer/coder, then this starter kit/sample code would be of no use to you.


Basic Steps
  1. Sign up for a PayPal account. They have personal, premier, and business accounts. You will need to upgrade to a premier or business account to accept credit cards.  PayPal is always happy to let you upgrade.
  2. Download the source code above
  3. Put in your PayPal email address in the SendPayPal.aspx page
  4. Tailor the Master Page to have the look desired
  5. Add your products to the xml file
  6. Add your pictures to the pictures folder

Feel free to make whatever changes to the source code you like to suit your needs.  If you would like us to build you a complete PayPal Compatible shopping cart application, we would be happy to do so. 


More complete PayPal integration details are in the readme.txt that comes with the .zip file.  Feedback on this is always welcome.  Use the customer service link below.


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